What does it all cost?

Set Up Fee

There is a one off setup fee of just £250+VAT which includes 5 FREE Will Lives.

The cost for each Will

You then simply pay in advance for the number of Will lives you require on a "pay as you go basis" as follows: 


Countrywide offer all their clients the opportunity of using our Professional Executor services.

So, those of you who elect to offer Countrywide’s (CTTC Ltd) Services as a Professional Executor on all of your client's Wills, will qualify for a huge 50% DISCOUNT on both the setup fee, (paying ONLY £125 + VAT when you join), plus the cost of each Will Life you then purchase will also be discounted by the same amount.

What if my client’s don’t want to appoint Countrywide as their Executor?

Should your clients choose not to go ahead with appointing Countrywide (CTTC Ltd) as their Professional Executor, despite your recommendation, your discount will still apply. It’s a matter of personal preference, however, as you will see on the ‘Professional Executors’ page, there are huge advantages for you, as well as your clients, when they do appoint Countrywide (CTTC Ltd).

Quantity Will Lives Only
Min 5 - 100 £16.00 + VAT
101 - 150 £15.00 + VAT
151 - 200 £14.50 + VAT
201 - 499 £12.50 + VAT
500 £10.00 + VAT
Storage Per Will £14.00 + VAT (Per Annum)