Will Binding Kit

Image is everything.

Make sure your Wills create a lasting impression.

The Professional Will Binding Kit

A Will is a very important document and the way it is presented reflects on the Company behind it. Ensure that your Company’s Wills make a positive and professional impression.

It is vital that a Will is bound in a secure and professional manner to ensure that this crucial document does not inadvertently come apart, or cannot easily be tampered with.

With our Professional Will Binding Kit, you will have everything you need to ensure that the Will you produce meets this criteria.

What’s in the Kit?

The following items are included in the Will Binding & Presentation Kit:

  1. 100 Sheets of Clear OHP Film (The OHP Film acts as a protective front and back cover for the Will).
  2. 50 Legal Corners (Legal Corners are scored so that they easily fold around the Will).
  3. 500 Eyelets (Eyelets are used to produce a perfectly bound Will).
  4. Eyeletter Punch (The Punch creates a hole and fastens the Eyelets).

This Kit will be enough to produce your first 50 Wills and costs ONLY £90 + VAT

All you need to do is select a paper of your choice and the Kit will contain the rest.

How do I bind a will?