Further Sales

Would you like another stream of clients each and every week?

We can NEVER have enough clients, but what system can provide you with new clients for as little as £5 + VAT?

You retain control

Part of providing a good service to your clients is to ensure that they have a Will in place. Many of us either don't have those Will Writing contacts, or risk losing control of their clients when passing the Will lead onto another provider. Willmaker Direct ensures you retain control.

Those of you who sell Financial Services, Life Assurance, or other services (over the phone and /or face to face), why not grasp this opportunity to increase your profit margin, providing these same clients with an Online Will at the same time? So, increasing your income and providing existing clients with a valuable new service.

You do the maths!

Paying just £5 + VAT for producing the Will and yet charging clients the industry standard rate of approximately £80.00 + VAT per Will

Each Will you sell offers further prospects for you too, as it contains the names and addresses of Guardians, Executors, Family Members and Friends etc. providing you with instant opportunities for further sales. Each Will sale not only increases your income stream from sales in this new market but enables you to build your client bank at the same time.