Be the Bright Spark!

Why not offer local businesses a Will for their employees, sponsored by you the Advisor (free of charge) and gain a bank of potential new clients for your existing business!

For those of you that are Financial Advisors, why not sponsor a Will for the staff of local businesses or with every Company Pension you set up?

The Will doesn’t even have to be free as such, simply tell the clients that you will sponsor a Will, if they elect to store their documents. Then, as opposed to charging a one off fee you are providing yourself with an ongoing annual income.

Additional Sales

As well as acquiring new leads, for your new Will Writing business, these same leads open up the opportunity to sell other products and services. Providing clients with a simple Will puts you in the perfect place to be able to do just that!

Lets take an example of taking the Will Instruction for someone who has children under 18.

You automatically would recommend that they appoint Guardian for the children but:

  • What would happen to them should their parents die?
  • How would the children be provided for?
  • Would the Guardian accept children on their doorstep with no money?
  • How would they cope? 

The Solution... 

Life Assurance/Guardian Insurance - Most clients have not yet catered for these needs.