Lasting Power of Attorney Software        

The Software Package that makes creating Lasting Power of Attorney documents a simple and lucrative process!


Everyone understands the reasons why all of us should have Lasting Powers of Attorney in place, it’s the same as having an Insurance Policy these days. But those of you who have ever taken a client’s instruction for Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) documents will know just how long winded and prone to errors they can be no matter how lucrative.

It’s with this in mind that we have designed a Software Package which makes LPA Instruction taking and drafting a simple and lucrative process! 

Learn how...

  • USER FRIENDLY SOFTWARE - Designed to be simple to use, even for the complete novice.
  • INTELLIGENT SOFTWARE - Through the use of ‘validation’ the Software will guide you through drafting an  LPA in a seamless manner creating the Power based on the answers you provide.  You don’t have to be  an expert on LPAs.
  • NO SOFTWARE TRAINING REQUIRED - Our Help desk is available to help with any questions you might  have. Helping you to get it right first time.
  • USE AT THE POINT OF SALE - The Software has been designed to be used at the point of sale with your client, with or without access to Wi-Fi. No more  taking instructions on paper and having to input the  same information later, which means fewer mistakes and less time wasted.
  • PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY INSURANCE - available as part of the package. Protection for you and your clients.

  • SIMPLE REGISTRATION PROCESS - The OPG Registration Form is populated from the information  input into the Software and allows you to print this off at the same time as the LPA document. No return visits, or postage to pay, saving you time and money!
  • FAIL PROOF SIGNING - No more “Sticky Notes” to show the client WHERE they need to sign. The Software includes a Signing Instruction Notice, in front of every page which  requires signing by the client, which is easy to understand. This ensures that, the LPA Document is always signed correctly and there is no risk of the power being rejected by the OPG and so, further costs avoided.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY - The LPA Software is a FIXED monthly rate, no matter HOW MANY LPAs you draft! No need for a calculator to work out your profits!
  • NO “LOCK IN” - A small setup fee of £50+VAT then make monthly payments. Then it’s simple, if you don’t  “use it”, just cancel the monthly payments and “lose It”.