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For those of you who prefer the DIY approach to drafting and producing their clients Legal documents then Countrywide Legacy is for you.

Whether you are an experienced Will writer or completely new to the business we have the right Software Package for you.

Countrywide Legacy provides intelligent, bespoke Legal Document Drafting Software Packages to over 6,500 registered users throughout the UK. Our aim at Countrywide Legacy is to ensure your success. We firmly believe that our 'State of the Art' Software will not only save you time and money, but will give you access to legal products and services that you may not have been able to recommend before, so boosting both your income and adding value for your clients.

Countrywide Legacy

Written by Experts, used by Professionals

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We all know that everyone should have a Will, yet 2 out of 3 people have yet to get around to making one and even those that have, rarely have the correct Will

in place!

These days, with so many people worried about losing their home and savings to Long Term Care fees and wanting to protect their assets for future generations, many of your clients may want more from you than just a basic Will. 

Training to become an Estate Planning Consultant yourself to enable you to offer your clients this full service, or becoming an Introducer to Countrywide will not only significantly increase your earning potential but will provide you with referrals from this ever growing market

Countrywide Partners

A unique partnership that will grow your business

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