Professional Executors 

Introducing Countrywide (CTTC Ltd) as a Professional Executor has benefits for you as well as your client.

Introducing Countrywide (CTTC Ltd) as a Professional Executor has benefits for you as well as your client:

  • You will save 50% of all costs quoted for the Software
  • You will benefit from further income (see below)
  • You will be able to guarantee a professional service to your clients
As well as the benefits listed above, giving your client the peace of mind that the complexities of dealing with Probate and administering their estate will not fall to their loved ones, at a time which could already be very difficult for them, is invaluable.

Administering an Estate can be both complex and time consuming and the role of an Executor involves both legal and financial responsibilities. Our regular contact with the Beneficiaries ensures that they are kept in the loop at all times and we are always on hand to talk through any issues and concerns they might have, ensuring that you have complete confidence in the service your valued clients will receive.

Professional Executors and Probate

Where CTTC Ltd are appointed as Professional Executors and undertake Probate for your clients you will benefit from a share of those Probate fees.

What you will receive

On a typical case with a  Gross Estate value of £300,000, you will receive 30% of the Fees charged by CTTC Ltd.

You will receive 30% of this fee giving you a total commission of £1350! 

All for just appointing us as Executors on your client’s Wills at outset.Probate fees charged, where Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Ltd are appointed at outset, are calculated at 1.5% of the Gross Estate value = £4,500.00

Not only will we complete the Probate for your client’s estates but we will highlight further sales opportunities to you for your clients, including any requirements by the client’s Beneficiaries, for products and services such as Deeds of Variation and their own estate planning requirements and you will share in the commission earned. 

50% off all of your costs!

Lastly the Software comes with the option to elect to a default of CTTC Ltd as Professional Executor. When you choose this option for all your Wills this will reduce all costs quoted by a massive 50%!