Why should I recommend Secure Storage to my clients?

Secure storage of a Will is just as important as making the Will itself and recommending that your clients use our Secure Storage Facility will ensure that their Estate is distributed as intended.

Your client's Will is one of the most important documents they will ever make, but if it cannot be found after their death, then their Estate will be divided according to the Laws of Intestacy and be treated as if they had never made a Will. This could have extremely serious implications for their chosen Beneficiaries and may mean that they do not receive their share of the Estate as set out in your client's Will as the Law assumes that if a Will cannot be found once someone has passed away, then it must have been destroyed and the Testator did not wish for the content to be taken account of. 

Countless Wills are damaged, lost, or accidentally destroyed every year causing untold difficulties for those left behind when trying to obtain Probate and administer the Estate.

Countrywide’s Storage Service ensures that your client's Will is kept safe and can be released to their Executors at the time of death. This also means that the content of the document can be kept private.

Executor(s) will be provided with a certificate confirming that the Will is in Secure Storage, but a copy will not be released to them until after death.

Your client's wishes will only be made known to their Executors after they have passed away.

What's in it for me?

CTTC Ltd can store your client’s documents for an annual fee paid by direct debit. There is an annual storage processing cost, but then anything you charge your client annually over and above this amount is paid to you as commission, for as long as the Will remains in storage.

Example for 100 clients storing over 10 years

You charge £40+VAT each

Deduct our processing cost of £7+VAT (where CTTC Ltd are appointed as Executor) 

Profit per client, per year = £33

Accumulated total over 10 years?