Become a Countrywide Member

Become a Countrywide Member with full access to our members area for just £15+VAT per month!

Let us help you to piece your business together

Being a member of Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Ltd effectively opens our business up to you, giving you the opportunity to talk to our Solicitors, Lawyers or Licenced Conveyancer and access the Extranet which is crammed full of useful information and sales tools

The following are some of the features included in your membership:

The Estate Planning Helpline

This is a free service to assist you as a Countrywide Member with all your estate planning recommendations, whatever your client’s situation and requirements. As a Countrywide member you are able to benefit from the expertise of any of our legally qualified staff and STEP Affiliates.So, whether your query is regarding a simple Will or more complex aspects of Estate planning and Tax Mitigation strategies, they are there to HELP!

Document Drafting Advice Service

The team are able to help our members with the drafting of “non standard”clauses within the Will to ensure that your client has the best possible Will for their individual circumstances. In addition where you have purchased the Lasting Power of Attorney Software, the Team are on hand to answer any of your LPA drafting and Registration queries.

Will Review Service

Where your client already has a valid Will in place, you can scan a copy of the Will and email it to our Estate Planning Team for their analysis.

Estate Planning Report Service

For those clients who wish to receive a full Estate Planning Report with our recommendations, based on their own individual circumstances, then this can be arranged for you. (Cost involved)

Finance Sheet Service

You provide us with the client’s full asset information and we will provide you with the full recommendation!

Countrywide - Your Extranet

The Extranet is an online resource tool specifically designed to provide you with everything you will need to ensure your Will Writing business is a huge success. From adverts, brochures, sales aids, technical sheets, current articles and prospecting letters, our Extranet site is full of marketing material and ideas you can adapt and use to promote your business.

Electronic Filing Cabinet

If you are storing client documents, this cabinet will contain all your client’s signed Wills for you to refer to whoever you require.

Sales Aids & Technical Sheets

All of our Members place a high value on our Technical Sheets & Sales Aids and find them invaluable at the point of sale to reiterate the solutions recommended. Many Consultants leave a copy of these with their clients, following the sale, to help ‘cement’the planning and provide the client and their family with a clear understanding of how the planning will work for them.It is a useful mechanism to have your own contact details on the sheets, please contact our Marketing department who will provide you with a full rebranding service details to incorporate your Company logo and details.


Make use of our range of humorous, yet informative ‘mini clips’ at the point of sale to help increase your own understanding of our products and services and to help your client understand the benefits of a particular piece of planning which will persuade them to go ahead with your recommendation! These can also be rebranded with your Company name & logo!

Your own Website

One of the sales tools you will definitely need is your own Estate Planning Website and we can provide this for you. Simply, choose from any one of the four models we have available, to suit your own company style and colours. Then each site will be created with your own existing company logo.Your site will also carry a unique domain name, of your choice.

Further Learning

Why not book yourself onto one of our monthly training courses and further your knowledge to enable you to provide better planning for your clients, then watch both your business and reputation increase!


Our Supermen Webinars will keep you updated with all the legislation changes and other opportunities available. You will need to reserve your place as spaces are limited and they are immensely popular with our members.


Useful tools to help you both learn and sell, A range of marketing materials are available on the Extranet for you to use such as:Prospecting Letters, Brochures, Adverts, Flyers and useful Articles on subjects including Wills, Long Term Care, and Powers of Attorney.

Legal Products & Services

Access information and detailed guides on all of our products and services and how they can be used to achieve your client’s aims ranging from simple Wills to Business Succession strategies via our members only Online Extranet. From Standard Wills to Corporate Solutions and even Tax Mitigation Strategies, each product and service we offer has it’s own mini website, which provides you with an overview of the actual product or service and how it might best help your clients. In addition, there is a point of contact for each Product & Service we provide, so that you can call or email if you have any queries or require any advice.