Client Online Card Payment System

Most people these days prefer to pay for their goods and services by Debit or Credit card and we are sure that you will want to offer your own clients this service too.

The Countrywide Client Online Card Payment System allows you to take your client’s card payments without fuss!

Taking client payments couldn’t be easier! the touch of a button!

At Countrywide we understand that many of you will not have access to an Online Card Payment System and that the costs and procedures involved in setting one up make this expensive and extremely difficult.

You’ve purchased your Software package, practiced your telephone sales script, lined up your prospective clients and you’re ready to start taking client instructions.

What are the benefits of signing up to Countrywide’s Client Online Card Payment System?

Most people these days prefer to make payments by Debit or Credit card with companies also preferring this hassle free method of payment for the following reasons:

  • Cleared funds - You know at the Point of Sale whether or not the payment has been approved before you start to process the documents.
  • Instant payment - No waiting to receive the cheque in the post or having to check for the BACS payment to come through.
  • Easy processing - Payments can be taken over the phone or face to face with a few simple clicks!

How Does it Work?

All you need to do is Register on the site: and enter your full details.This ensures that when you take client payments the system will remember your details each time and pre-fill these for you automatically and so saving you time and avoiding errors.

Once you have registered you will need to provide us with your Bank account details in order for us to forward your client’s payments on to you.

What does it cost?

There is a one off up front fee payable of £75+VAT to cover your registration and setting up costs and a monthly Online Payment Membership fee of £5+VAT (payable by Direct Debit).

A 5% charge will also be deducted from each transaction you then make through the site.